What's Your WebMap Workflow?

Discussion created by bokeefe on Aug 15, 2017

So I find myself developing WebMaps more than anything else that I do. This process is governed by my organizations available resources and tools. Our org does not want to use Credits for storing data but rather for operations (like GeoCoding or other online Widgets) that provide value for end users. We have both an ArcGIS for Server running our REST services and a WebServer that we run our WebMaps on.


As a WebMap developer/configurator in this environment I have to do the following to bring a map to life...


  1. Know what 'Feature Class' / 'Layer' is needed for a Web Map.
  2. Create an MXD with AT LEAST that 'Feature Class' / 'Layer' in it.
  3. Share that MXD as a REST Service.
  4. Create an AGOL Item and reference that REST Service.
  5. Create an AGOL WebMap and include that AGOL Item.
  6. Create a Web AppBuilder Map that uses the AGOL WebMap.
  7. Post that Web AppBuilder Map to the organization's Web Server.


What I am finding is when I am rushed through building 26 WebMaps in a year (not including some temporary maps meant to share an idea for a short period of time and then deleted) I end up with REST services that I can't tell where they are being used, I have MXD's that I don't remember what WebMaps are being powered by them, and I have AGOL Items that may, or may not, be used in something somewhere.


In order to untangle this ArcSpaghetti I have to do a LOT of manual nonsense that I feel is redundant since everything is referenced somewhere and accessible through Javascript. SURELY someone has a better idea, a better plan, a better process to help track these pieces?


What is your process? Will you share?