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Any way to cross-filter data by selecting features on map?

Question asked by bchastain on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by ASivasailam-esristaff

This is a pretty crucial feature to me. I want to be able to click a feature on a map, and then all related charts are cross-filtered accordingly. Instead, what I see now in Insights is when I click a feature on the map, the associated elements in the related charts are highlighted, but not filtered. This may not be a big deal if your data is all 1:1, but if you're dealing with any aggregate data, then you're missing some key information.


For example, imagine you had a map of states, and then a line chart showing sales of Product X over time. Let's say this line chart is powered by data that contains sales data by state by year. In the initial view, it's showing the sum of all states for national sales over time. Ideally, however, you could click a state and then see that state's sales over time. However, instead what I'm getting now in Insights is if I click a state it just highlights the entire national sales line, but doesn't cross-filter it by the selected state.


Am I doing something wrong or is this not currently possible in Insights 2.0?