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Delay on loading Image Layer

Question asked by kaylask on Aug 14, 2017

Hi all.


I have some issue with loading Image Layer. I created mosaic dataset and published it as Image Service on ArcGis Server. Then i connect to this service from web-client. Below is java script that i use :

map = new Map("map", {
basemap: "topo",
center: [26.4171, 49.8400],
zoom: 17

var params = new ImageServiceParameters();
params.noData = 0;

var imageServiceLayer100 = new ArcGISImageServiceLayer("" + tokenvalue, {
imageServiceParameters: params,

disableClientCaching: false

map.addLayers([ imageServiceLayer100]);

It is standard example. But it works with some delay wich is from 1-2 sec and more. It loads images every time i change the map in web browser, scale or position. Even if images are getting from local cache. And then it renders all images in one time. So it causes delay.  Is there any way to improve this ?May to load images asynchronously ? But not sure how




Many thanks for any solution