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Survey123 Calculated Custom URL Hyperlink to another Survey123 Form

Question asked by nick.moore on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by nick.moore

James Tedrick


Hoping you could lend a hand. I am trying to build up a Survey123 Custom URL Scheme to open another survey and parse parameters from the one form to the other. Based on some conditional questions if certain answers are met the user should rather be entering the data in a separate survey. Hence the workflow.


Basically the User will be doing an asset audit but then we would like to parse some parameters from that audit through to a safety form before they proceed the audit.


I need to build up the Custom URL. I can build the full URL up using a calculation and if I copy the result to my browser it works:



However I try to wrap them in the HREF formats by concatenating the HREF tags to build up the full URL so that it forms a hyperlink so the user can click on it and it take him to the appropriate Survey. However I cannot seem to get this to work. Somewhere in the interpretation of the double quotation marks within the concat I cant seem to get it to interpret this properly. The Question is, how do I quote the Quotation marks within the concat function which will build up the text for the HREF? I have tried the usual """", \", "

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance