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Out of memory error

Question asked by adamczi on Aug 4, 2017
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for the past few days I suddenly started to experience Out Of Memory error coming out of ArcMap. It happens when I'm working with raster Classification tool. I basically draw some training sites on a raster and press 'view histogram' of the sites or 'view scatterplot'. I was able to use it normally until recently. What is strange, I'm able to perform chosen classification with this data, just can't preview histogram/scatterplot/statistics (which is crucial). After some attempts to open these histograms etc., I get ArcMap crashed and a window to send the report appears.


The image I'm working on is ~800mb product of Landsat image (7 bands), but it also happens on any other image.


What I tried to do after getting the error:

- clean up Windows using Disk Cleanup (some temp files etc)

- clean the Default.gdb to zero (that was my scratch space)

- disable all extensions except one which is needed (Spatial Analyst)

- started new project, new .mxd file and load only the raster to work on into it

- create fresh new shapefile of training sites

- restart laptop and Arc of course


I run Windows 7 Pro x64 and ArcGIS I got 8GB of RAM and 4-core Sandy Bridge CPU. I have 20-30 GB free on my SSD disk. I would appreciate any help, since I cannot do my work at all because of it.


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