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Attribute Assistant: Generate_ID_By_Intersect not working

Question asked by nbanerjee on Aug 6, 2017


I am new to Attribute Assistant and having problem using 'Generate_ID_By_Intersect' for seemingly very simple test case as described below.


Editing feature class :  kmepnt

Editing feature class ID that I am trying to populate:  UnqID


Grid Layer that I am trying to intersect:  Basins

Grid Layer Field I am trying to use in UnqID:  BasinNm


GenerateID Table Sequence Name:  kmepnt_ID

Dynamic Table Value Info Expression:  Basins|BasinNm|kmepnt_ID


Im simply trying to add a point to 'kmepnt' layer and have it automatically populate the 'UnqID' field with 'BasinNm' and then sequence number.  In my case basin name is 3 character string (e.g. "GOO"), so if I add points in GOO watershed they UnqID would be populated with "GOO1", "GOO2", etc. 


When I add the point, the UnqID does not populate (is null).  I made sure that Attribute Assistant is "On". I was able to successfully use the basic 'Generate_ID' with sequences and static string formats, so dont see what I am missing here.  All layers and tables are in the same test file geodatabase.  Below is screenshot showing layer/table setup


Any help would be appreciated




Layer / Table setup for Attribute Assistant Generate_ID_By_Intersect