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Issue concerning shortlist webapp with different browsers

Question asked by marco.barthel_seecon on Aug 4, 2017
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Actually, I have an issue concerning the use of my shortlist webapp with different browsers.

I have created a shortlist webapp from an existing webmap and set the type to <Use the point data 'as is' >, so let's call it a 'live-link' to the source table data. I followed all instructions with the excel template to provide the right structure for the shortlist webapp.


Everything works fine when I use google chrome browser. But when I change the browser to firefox or internet explorer the connection to the data layer cannot be established.

So when I click the 'health check' button in my story section with google chrome, all is fine. But after doing the same thing in firefox or internet explorer, I get the message that the access to the data layer cannot be established. And this leads to a blank webapp in these browsers.


Any idea to get this solved?


Thank you very much.


Kind regards


M. Barthel