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interactive selection method - add to current selection - ArcMap

Question asked by Leidamay on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by Leidamay

In ArcMap, I am creating selection sets of parcels that I am adding to a new layer.  I  may need some parcels added, some taken out.   How do I add parcels to my selection set?  I have tried the "Interactive Selection Method - Add to current selection" and it does not work.  I have tried copy and pasting these records to the selected attribute table.


I have used the help menu with every kind of text, arrangement, comment to try to get this answer.  I think I should be able to quote the drop down menus verbatim, to get an answer, Not! So frustrating!


Maybe help items should have the place for people like me to tag where we think the topic should be found, like "add to selection set", once I actually find what I am looking for.


Even coming here to try to get an answer is confusing.  How am I going to figure out if anyone answers????  Asking a question to figure out how to ask a question so I can get an answer to a question?