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Missing attributes after pulling a feature from feature service

Question asked by Yifan_Liu-esristaff Employee on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by JNery-esristaff



I encountered a strange issue with pulling data from the feature service. The problem is that a feature pulled from a feature service loses some of the fields that was in its feature table. What I am doing is I pulled a feature layer hosted on the portal and queried the feature layer. The result feature, however, only contains a portion of the fields that are in its feature table.


Here I first created a feature layer from a service feature table.

string url = "*******/FeatureServer/0";
Uri uri = new Uri(url);
ServiceFeatureTable sft = new ServiceFeatureTable(uri);
_mapViewModel.fireExLayer = new FeatureLayer(sft);

 Then I query the feature layer and get the Selectedfeature. (I removed error checking code here)

var queryParams = convertTapToQuery(e.Location.X, e.Location.Y, 1);
var result = await _mapViewModel.fireExLayer.SelectFeaturesAsync(queryParams, SelectionMode.New);
_mapViewModel.SelectedFeature = result.ToList()[0];


At last, I try to get the attributes of the SelectedFeature by doing this:

As seen in the screenshot, for each field in the feature table of a feature, I tried to get the attribute value of that field, but this triggers an exception, whose message says “the given key was not present in the dictionary.” I was bewildered seeing the field from a feature’s own feature table is not a key in the feature’s attribute dictionary.


What am I doing wrong here? Appreciate any help and thoughts!