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A field with "Autocomplete" appearance handling a unknown value

Question asked by colgateg on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by JTedrick-esristaff

HeyJames Tedrick and Ismael Chivite,


We recently changed some of our fields to the autocomplete appearance, and we found something we would like you to take a look at. We are running latest version (2.3.29) on iOS.


The issue we have is exposed when the value being passed to the form via url scheme is not in the field's choice_list. We run into this because we can't keep up with changes to the contractor list with how we are currently manually publishing the choice_lists with the form (would love to see a way to refresh form's choice_lists via rest or other API but that's a different discussion).


Example -


The field (CONTRACTOR_ID) that we changed to autocomplete was previously a select_one with minimal appearance. When it received a value not in the choice_list the value was displayed with a strike-through font and the user was left to select another value from the drop-down. Now with autocomplete appearance the value is not shown (field is blank) and their are no values in the drop-down list. The user must enter some value in the field before the drop-down is refreshed to apply the filter.


URL: arcgis-survey123://?itemID=7c034801569d4d50b844ee3375173383&field:INSPECTION_NO=695009&field:CONTRACTOR_ID=4831




We would like you to consider either showing the value with strike-through in the box (which they will delete if they want to select something else from drop-down) which is similar to the minimal appearance, or keep the box blank and clear the filter on the drop-down so the user can select any/all of the values from the choice_list.