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Why the  annotation of AutoCAD is shown as points?  Why it is not shown as text?

Question asked by starrycheng on Jul 27, 2017

When I import  annotation of AutoCAD to ArcGis10.4,the  annotation  is shown as points.

Because  there  is  no check  'Label features in this layer' option?

But where is this option,I can't find from 选中图层(Layers)-->右键“属性”(properties)-->点击"Labels"选项卡(Lables),勾选"Label features in this layer" -->确定(Confirm)

Whether arcmap in  arcgis10.4 compare with arcgis10.0,the option  is different?  

Where is it  in  arcgis10.4 ,on the 'display panel' 'field  panel' or 'annotation panel'?

How  can I make the annotation text of AutoCAD show on ArcGIs layer,not little point.


The question as attachment picture.