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Issue analyzing appended data (date, text, counts)

Question asked by fernando.alvarez89 on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by ZWang-esristaff

Hello all,


I am working on a survey that needed previous entries from an excel spreadsheet to be appended to a new survey I have created. All the data shows up just fine in the "Analyze" section of Survery123 but, when I want to filter data for a quick analysis based off the event date not the date the survey was submitted. Is there a way to get the filter button to do this? Also, I have a text field that is list of cities where these events occurred. When I analyzed this summary it seemed that the words were being split up. As an example, we had an event occur in San Bernardino. The way it is being counted is: one count for "San" and one count for "Bernardino". I would like it to read as one count for "San Bernardino".   Lastly, is there a report function where I can get a break down of how many per topic? I have attached some screenshots that may help.