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ArcMap Color Selector Questions

Question asked by kenric03 on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by dknolan



I have a few basic questions about Color Selector.  There are a few specific colors I always use.  


Within Arcmap, you click on your feature to change the symbology.  Then, you pick your color, which is where Color Selector Menu is located.


1.  I can click on the More Colors... option to customize a specific color.  I can then click on the large arrowhead pointing to the right, which is under the X to close the menu.  Then, I can click the Save Color... and type in the color name.  Is there a way to rename a saved color?  For example, what if I misspelled it, but it is now in the color drop down list.


2.  Is there a way to export my customized colors?


3.  Within the Color Selector drop down that has all the colors, is there a way to rearrange these colors?  I am wondering about rearranging my custom colors not the default ones.


Thank you for your help!