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ArcPy - TableToTable Creating Duplicate Fields

Question asked by dogdaynoon on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by rastrauch

Hello all,

I am seeing an issue where ArcPy TableToTable is creating duplicate fields in the output dbf.

Here are the headers in the CSV I am adding: MNAM, MCON, MAD1, MAD2, MCST, MZIP, GISKKK

and yes there is data in columns.

Here is the code I am running

arcpy.TableToTable_conversion(putCSVHere, path, toDBF)

"putCSVHere" is path to CSV which I want to convert that contains the above headers.

"path" is the path to the folder where I am putting the new dbf.

"toDBF" is the name of the dbf file to be created.


My output dbf ends up with the following fields (headers):OID, MNAM, MCON, MAD1, MAD2, MCST, MZIP, GISKKK, Extra Fields:             GISKKK_X,         GISKKK_Y

Data in these fields: 43.6666666667, -1

My question is, where do these extra fields "_X" and "_Y" come from and where does that data come from? It's not in the CSV anywhere

Thank you,