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Spatial Join for pipe layers

Question asked by on Jul 25, 2017
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I have a question about spatially joining two separate pipe layers so I can transfer the attribute (flow data) from one layer to another. The two pipe layers (with ~ same # of pipe segments) are about 80 percent the same location wise (geographically they sit on top of each other) but the other 20 percent is slightly off. One pipe layer is GIS info layer that is well maintained and is up to date. The other layer is from the hydraulic model that was originally developed from GIS a few year ago and hence the 20 percent of pipe segments are not geographically matching with the GIS water pipe layer. They do not have a common attribute.

I tried spatial join using the second option in the Join Data image shown below but the 20 percent feature get 0 value assigned? This join has typically worked for me on other data but not sure it doesn’t work on this one.

Can some please help with the workflow so I get the flow data transferred? I am using Basic ArcGIS but can access advanced if needed.