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ArcGIS Portal Page Navigation Click Links Not Working

Question asked by tonymgkt on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by JQuinn-esristaff

Hi, the web link clicks on Portal main page (Gallery, Map, Scene, Groups etc) are not working ... it keeps going back to Home. If you right click on these link and 'Open link in new tab' ... it works.


Here's my configuration - 

1. MS Azure with Windows Server 2012 R2, IIS 8 and ArcGIS Portal 10.5

2. SSL Cert installed with HTTPS configured

3. Only ONE Web Adaptor installed and configured. The ArcGIS Portal page is working from external

I have done this over and over: 

1. Unregister Portal and ArcGIS Server in Web Adaptor

2. Reinstall Web Adaptor and Register


I think ArcGIS Portal might be having issues with SSL and HTTPS Web Adaptor configs with Azure ... ArcGIS Server links from external seems fine.


Are there any other ways to fix this?? Please help !!!