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Trouble adding layers from ArcGIS Online

Question asked by deleted-user-wgzH2d-p_0_f on Jul 24, 2017

Hey all,


Lately I've been having issues adding layers from ArcGIS Online to Desktop.  Not all layers, just some.

I've tried multiple ways of opening the layer: Through the Add Data tool (when I click on the layer I want to add, nothing happens) and through ArcOnline (open layer in Desktop and a file is downloaded but I nothing happens when I try and open it).  The way I've had to open the layer is to go directly to the server connection and open from there.  It wasn't a big deal until now, when another person started to have the issue too, but she can't even SEE the layers when trying to add data from ArcOnline in the Add Data tool in Desktop, and nothing happens when she tries downloading from ArcOnline.  She doesn't have access to the server.