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Attribute Table not showing layer data in when I open Edit Web Mapping Application Edit or View Web Mapping Application, but does load when I open the Web Map Viewer.

Question asked by mgambordella1 on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by rscheitlin

The map in question can be found HERE


I have a Web Map with two services in it. One is called the CS Interactive Map and has 14 layers, the other is called the CS Basemap and has 8 layers. The basemap is used as just that, a basemap (though not selected to be a basemap, the Topographic basemap is used). Both of these items hold a layer called Streets (in the CS Basemap it is divided into Major Roads and Streets). The CS Interactive Map Streets layer is configured to show a pop-up and has a custom attribute display. The CS Basemap Streets layer (both Major Roads and Streets) has the pop-up turned off, and is set to display a list of field attributes.


When I open the Web Map in the Web Map Viewer, if I click "Show Table" on the CS Interactive Map, I can see the attribute table exactly as it should be. This goes for the Major Roads and Streets layers in the CS Basemap as well. When I go to the Web Mapping Application and click Edit Application, if I open the Attribute Table widget, the CS Interactive Map Streets layer is turned on, and the CS Basemap Streets (Major Roads and Streets) layer is turned on. If I click Open Attribute Table and select the CS Basemap Streets (both Major Roads and Streets), they both load and show all the correct data. If I select the CS Interactive Map Streets layer nothing shows. There is no loading icon (like I see for the Basemap for a split second before the data appears) and no attribute data shows at all. The same situation occurs when I select View Application for the Web Mapping Application. 


I am stuck at what to do next. I did try changing the display option for the CS Interactive Map Streets layer from a Custom Attribute Display to display a List of Attributes, but the data still did not show. Any help would be appreciated.