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Enabling Raster Analysis ArcGIS Pro disappeared in 2.0

Question asked by david.harbor on Jul 21, 2017

As a preliminary tool in my work, I have been using the "create watersheds" under the raster analysis portal (from the ArcGIS portal) in ArcGIS Pro 1.x. I just switched to ArcGIS Pro 2.0, and hence we switched the license server to 10.5.1.  However, now these tools are greyed out with a warning saying these tools are disabled because I have to be connected to a portal with raster analysis tools.  I have tried making my active portal both and, and neither works. We have an educational license and I am an administrator in the organization, and have all the administrative level privileges.  We do not have our own portal set up for image or data service.  Under "roles" in our organization, we do not have the option to turn on "Raster Analysis" under "Content and Analysis" as suggested on this page., but I don't think we're running a portal here at our organization (just students and faculty using ArcGIS Pro and Desktop independently). Can I get these helpful portal tools back?