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Issue with assign flowpath Hec-GeoRAS

Question asked by LouiseFlatman46 on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by cmooneyham

Hi there, 


Im currently in the process of flood modelling using Hec-GeoRAS, I have created the stream centre line and the bank lines, and have come to the Flow Path and assign line attributes. I can assign the stream centre line as the channel, but when i come to assign the left and right, it wont even let me highlight the left and right banks, never mind say that there isnt a line there. I click on the right or left bank to try and assign it to left and right and it does not come up with the assign box or anything else, not even an error message. I have tried to adjust snapping in case this had anything to do with it but has not made a difference. At a complete loss, can anyone help? 


Many thanks