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nonProxyHosts: how to add external items directly, not via /sharing/proxy?

Question asked by mjschmo on Jul 19, 2017

In our Portal 10.5.0 we are using the default proxy.  The URI for that is /arcgisportal/sharing/proxy.  I need to find a way to exempt domains from the proxy.


When I try to add an external item (e.g. WFS layer) that is hosted outside Portal, the requests always go through that proxy (and subsequently blocked due to PKI security). 


In the Portal Administrator Directory I have set the /System/properties/ to include a nonProxyHosts to exempt the domains I want to load a WFS directly from, but it doesn't apply the property.  (I wonder if that setting only applies to custom proxies, not to the built-in proxy).


Is there a way to do this?