Image Service Identify Not Obeying Transformations

Discussion created by rcoodey on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2011 by rcoodey
We have a NAD_83 mosaic dataset that points to a NAD_27 raster catalog.  This mosaic dataset is served up as an Image Service on ArcGIS Server 10 SP1.  The mosaic has a transformation set to NAD_27_To_NAD_83_NADCON and also defined is NAD_27_To_WGS_84_79_CONUS which we need if going to WGS_84 but I don't think it is really needed here. 

Anyway, visually in our Silverlight maps the image is displayed using the correct transformation, but when using the identify operation, it does not use it... The map is in WGS_84, so the geometry being passed to the identify operation is also WGS_84.

Is this a bug that the identify is not using the transformation? Or maybe something I am doing wrong?  It is clearly returning results like it is processing on NAD_27 data, because it is off by about 300 feet, which is what I expect with no transformation... If it was treated as NAD_83, it would only be off by less than a foot (which would be acceptable).

Thanks a lot for any info!