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https://MyEsriUrl/arcgis/rest/services?f=sitemap doesn't work

Question asked by David.Wendelken on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by David.Wendelken

I have some code that queries the esri webserver for a list of services.

I start off with:


That code worked for years.


We recently attached a portal to our esri webserver. We're now running v10.5 of both.


Now, the esri admin can issue this command in the browser and it still works, but if I issue it I get an empty list back.


I thought it might be a permissions issue except for three facts:

(1) If I go to


I can see everything I ought to see.

(2) I've found out that I can now use


and that also works correctly.


(3) Esri admin added me to the esri admin role and I still can't see anything with ?f=sitemap.

Obviously, I can rewrite the code to work, but that app is scheduled to be replaced and I would rather spend time working on the replacement app...


Any ideas on how to get ?f=sitemap to work properly?