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Related tables not appearing in WAB app using MS Edge and IE11

Question asked by brESRI on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by brESRI

I have a public (https) app made using WAB Dev 2.4 and the LocalLayer widget.  One layer in it is a nationwide vector geodatabase (tiled) that includes related tables.  Using Firefox x64 and Chrome x64, the related tables reliably appear in both the Attribute Table widget and in pop-ups for that layer.  However, the tables seldom, if ever, appear when the app is used in MS Edge or IE11.  I also can't see the tables when the app is viewed using Safari browser in iOS 10.3.3 (on a iPhone).


On rare occasions, the tables will appear in the Attribute Table widget in Edge and IE11, but never in the pop-up for the vector layer.


I have various similar internal apps for which the tables do appear in IE11and Edge, but those apps are on http servers.  I have another internal, http WAB Dev app which calls an AGOL web map, and the tables in that one also appear in all browsers.


Has anyone else had a similar issue?  Does anyone know how I can get the tables to appear reliably in all browsers?  Since the issue is intermittent, it points to some WAB instability with regard to MS browsers.


Thanks in advance....