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Field Calculating with Python

Question asked by kevin.cross on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by bixb0012

Question regarding Python and field calculating.  I have 4 fields "BaseArea", "SW_Fee", "PT", "IASqFt".  I am trying to field calculate the "SW_Fee" field based on a fee structure.  My "PT" field has 3 catagories ( 'Residential', 'Industrial', 'Commercial') (more catagories could be added later).  My "BaseArea" and "IASqFT" are both long integers.



I need something along the line of " If "PT" equals 'Residential' then look in "BaseArea".  If "BaseArea" is >= to 1501 then the fee is $2.50 then if "BaseArea is <= 1500 the fee is $1.50.

BUT if "PT" equals 'Commercial' I have a whole other set of criteria for it to look at.  


Any and all help is appreciated.