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Creating data in an ArcSDE geodatabase under a different schema

Question asked by onmohar on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by onmohar

In the current configuration of the sql server, all users primarily had SS logins.  There was one account everyone used (gisadmin) which is a sysadmin account, to create data in the database.  The owner of all the data is dbo, and all data follows the following convention:




and all SPs for moving data are written referencing dbo, where needed.


We would like to move to server logins using windows authentication, to that end, all users have been added, i have put them in all databases with the db_owner role.


According to ESRI:

'In Microsoft SQL Server, database administrators add logins to the SQL Server instance, and these logins are mapped to users in individual databases on the SQL Server instance. Database users who will create tables and feature classes must have privileges necessary to create these objects in the database, and they must have a schema in which they can create them. When using ArcGIS, that schema must have the same name as the database user.'


Now, with some work, i managed to allow a user to create data, but  the schema is not dbo, but their username (e.g. database.username.featureclass.


How do I get Sql server login Domain\username to be able to create data in the geodatabase in the format that currently exists (i.e.  database.dbo.featureclass) ?


I hope I explained this well.