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Possible bug with exporting

Question asked by deleted-user-m6DuRVNpNiGp on Jul 13, 2017

I'm preparing a map series in ArcGIS Pro 2.0, and I'm having a strange problem with the rendering of a municipal boundary.


The map is using a North Carolina DOT municipal polygon layer to show the boundaries of Durham and Chapel Hill. For the outline, I'm using a solid stroke with a dash effect and a 15 15 dash template. If I set a definition query to show only the Chapel Hill polygon, it exports to PDF as I expect:


However, if I set the definition query to show only the Durham polygon it exports to PDF like so:


If I export to JPEG or uncompressed TIF, the Durham line exports properly. However, if I export to PDF, with or without compression in the options dialog box, the Durham line exports improperly. The erroneous rendering occurs along the entire Durham outline, not just where it overlaps with the Chapel Hill outline.


My ultimate goal is to have three layers -- a dashed Durham layer dashed yellow-transparent, a dashed Chapel Hill layer dashed red-transparent offset along the line so that the yellow and red are both visible where the boundaries overlap, and a solid gray line underneath to make boundary contiguous where they don't overlap. Ultimately, I'd like it to look like this (screenshot taken from ArcGIS Pro window, where it displays properly.)


This is from a 38-page map series, so I'd really rather not export individual files and then recombine later.


For the index page to this map series, I have the same symbology except the outlines are 2 points wide instead of 6, and it renders fine to PDF.


Thanks for any insight.


 - geoff