Delete all features before add new data

Discussion created by kevin_arcgis on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2020 by amenaesri-co-esridist

Our system will retrieve new data each 30 mins from external website and add them into the feature layer(Database), and all old data should be deleted before this action. The question is there is no date type attributes which could let us use delete old features when we do the add/update action. And the $ReceivedTime doesn't contains specific time(hh:mm:ss) to support this since our system will be refreshed each 30 mins.

I noticed there is a way like have a 'Poll an ArcGIS Server for Features' input, and set the input's 'Delete Polled Features' property to Yes. Yeah, this can delete the features, however, there is no way that combine it with add/update action like a workflow, could let us do the add/update after the delete operation.