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Web Adaptor will not use machine name to connect to Portal

Question asked by jbrockwe on Jul 12, 2017
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I have had my Portal for ArcGIS (10.4.1) up for a few weeks now and I still don’t feel like the Web Adaptor is working correctly. I am using a server on the EXTERNAL EDGE of my DMZ for my Web Adaptor. It is a WORKGROUP server. I have used the name of the web adaptor server to create the link to my Portal for ArcGIS (https://portalservername/arcgis/home). The page can’t be displayed on my local network.

If I change it to https://123.45.678/arcgis/home I can access the Portal for ArcGIS homepage. When I go to Portal sign in page I get the following error: "Invalid redirect_uri 400" (attached pic of error).


I am not sure what else needs to be opened up (ports, rules, etc.). My I.T. department secures the server at the beginning of the SDLC and then turns it over to me for development. I’m trouble shooting constantly. If anyone has seen this issue or has some advice I’m am open to suggestions.