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ArcGIS Cloud Builder Managed DB: What & Where is it?

Question asked by LANDVEST on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by LANDVEST

I recently created a single machine deployment using ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder 10.5.1 for Azure and have a few questions I can't seem to find answers to. We have an ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1 license. (ArcGIS for Server Enterprise Standard).

  1. Does the Cloud Builder designate a Hosting Server by default?
  2. What & where is the managed DB? It's already registered in the Data Store. The Cloud Builder didn't create any instance of SQL (no RDBMS)  that I can find. Does ESRI leverage a different technology for a Managed DB?
  3. Cloud Builder did not create an enterprise GDB anywhere that I can see. Since we do want to create an Enterprise GDB, do we then have to manually spin-up another VM hosting an (in this case) SQL Server instance, create an Enterprise GDB on that instance, and then register that with the data store? If so, why isn't this part of the default deployment process? In order to do this, i'm going to have to get ArcGIS installed on a VM up in Azure just so I can have the tools to create the Enterprise GDB.