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Unable to use specific values in "Search Fields" when doing a "find operation" on a hosted mapserver(datasource is a spatiotemporal bigdatastore)

Question asked by ksarcgis on Jul 12, 2017



I'm using Arcgis version 10.4.1 and i'm facing difficulty trying to perform find operations on a specific field on mapserver.

This mapserver is published from a STBDS via geoevent. Find operation on specific search field always return a error 500, description "None.get" error. 

The rest endpoint url looks like this.


If no search fields is specified then there will be results returned. It is mandatory to specify specific field to be return to limit the amount of data retrieved.



When I'm using Arcgis 10.3.1 and the mapservice (not STBDS but published from mxd) with the same available fields. There will be search results. The rest endpoint url looks like this.



Checking the arcgis server manager logs just show a one liner  "None.get"  


Is this an issue with STBDS hosted mapserver? 



Appreciate if any expert has any idea on what's happening.