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Cookie authentication

Question asked by Matti_Koopa on Jul 12, 2017

How can I add an authentication cookie to requests (like loading a FeatureLayer)?


Basically, my ArcGIS server is behind a in-house web portal that asks you to authenticate via a web form. After that a cookie gets added and every following request reaches the web server (in this case the ArcGIS sever).


I tried a few things with AuthenticationManager but couldn't get anything to work. Usually the runtime complains about the response being not a correct JSON document. I wasn't even able to let AuthenticationManager send any authentication data at all because it makes requests to "/rest/info?f=json" and "/tokens/" which aren't even real URLs on our platform and will just return 404.


I really only need to specify a custom cookie for each request and can handle the authentication myself but I don't see any option like that.