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Changing the projection for the data set causes a database performance issue

Question asked by ahmadabusaleh on Jul 11, 2017
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I have a geometric network which is hosted inside an enterprise geodatabase, recently I have changed all of the F.C from WGS 1984 to NAD 1983, I have noticed a performance issue when I start editing the network, adding a new point or a new line takes forever!

I have done several tests to find the bottleneck of this issue, but nothing I still couldn’t figure it out.

  •      I have another database hosted on the same server, there is NO performance issues with it, I think this will eliminate any network connection issues expectations.
  •      I have copied the data inside the enterprise database to a local database which is hosted on a test machine, and the performance was great, and I think this means that there is no issues with the geometric network or the F.C’s them self.
  •      All versions was deleted before the projection and then created again after projecting the data, this will remove the effects of the old versions.

After these tests I would assume that the issue is within the database it self (mdf file) what should I also consider to fix this performance issue.

I am running SQL server 2014, and ArcMAP 10.4.1