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Web App Query Widget- Zoom Issue

Question asked by Alana.Corney_MPI on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by rscheitlin

Very similar to this thread - but the solution hasn't worked for me.


I've developed a Web App using the Web App Builder in Portal (I believe 10.4) . The app displays a point Map Service from the federated server. I am having an issue with the results of a query using the built-in Query widget.


Once I run a query (which pulls back over 200 results that are spread throughout the world), the results window displays properly, but the map does not display (just a gray screen). Also, the scale bar shows “NaNmi” instead of the normal scale bar notation. I cannot zoom in or out and the only way I can fix this is through the home button.


I have removed all of the NULL lat longs that were in my dataset, but my data is spread far and wide around New Zealand from 40 to -70 latitude and crosses the 180° meridian (so I have data in positive longitudes: 176.5, 165.9 etc and in negatives once it crosses:  -179.5, -165.9 etc)


I assume this is an extent issue as the other thread solved their issue by removing the 0,0 coordinates, but my data is legitimate and I need a way to be query data that is spread over a wide distance without the screen crashing and going grey.


Any help would be appreciated!