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Stream Layer not displaying in ArcGIS Online and Web App Builder in IE

Question asked by SBerg_VHB on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by SBerg_VHB

Hi.  I have a stream service running which displays fine in AGOL Map Viewer and published templates apps as long as it is in Chrome.  In IE there is no error but no display and the stream controls for the layer cannot start the stream.  I have tried this with and without SSL and with and without the Web Adapter.  The endpoint /subscribe does work in IE for testing off the REST endpoint.  I have added 6180 and 6143 to the firewall.  I have opened up document mode in IE and ensured it was 10+ and have tried compatibility views as well.


I did capture an error in the F12 debugger in IE of "Error connecting to data stream...: Security Error" when using SSL :6443.


Grateful for any ideas on diagnosing the problem.