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Creating Features in ArcGIS Online?

Question asked by larrycamp on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by larrycamp

Is there a method where the public (Everyone) can use ArcGIS Online to draw a line (where they are applying for a permit) and save/export/send that line to our agency for review? For years, we've been requiring applicants (usually utility industry clients) to submit a SHP, DXF, or KML of their proposed work location.


Hoping there is now an easier way for clients to create a line and get it to us w/o having to buy GIS or CAD software.


a couple ways that are close but not quite:

1 - I create a public shared feature layer and provide editing ability. clients can open it, and add new lines. The problem with this is that all lines are shown, which would number 1000s in a given year. We don't want client A seeing client B's proposed work location. We only want one line in the deliverable so our staff knows exactly which line they are reviewing.


2 - A user opens a new map and Adds Map Notes, draws their line, and saves their layer. This seems promising, and seems to create a "Feature Layer". User can email the Details page to us. The problem so far is that when I open the Details, i do not have the option to "Open in Desktop". Why not? I think if i could get the user's layer open in Desktop, we have something to work with.


Is there a better existing method to allow the public to create data and send that data to an agency like ours?