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Stop caching with python

Question asked by torstenschramm on Jul 6, 2017
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Hello Everyone,


i use a python script to cache a AGS Service time scheduled over night. But i can't find a way to stop the caching Service. I want to Stop the caching in the business time, an start it again in the night (RECREATE_EMPTY_TILES).


Please help me out.


Thank you i advance.


# Import arcpy module
import arcpy

# Local variables:
Bildflug_OBK_MapServer = "GIS Servers\\arcgis on localhost_6080 (Admin)\\orthophotos\\Bildflug_OBK.MapServer"
vektor_daten_DBO_Verbandsgrenze_AV_UTM32__3_ = "E:\\Geodaten\\gp_bildflug\\vektor_daten.sde\\vektor_daten.DBO.Verwaltungsgrenzen_NRW_UTM32\\vektor_daten.DBO.Verbandsgrenze_AV_UTM32"
Output_Map_Service_URL = ""

# Process: Manage Map Server Cache Tiles
arcpy.ManageMapServerCacheTiles_server(Bildflug_OBK_MapServer, "300", "RECREATE_EMPTY_TILES", "3", vektor_daten_DBO_Verbandsgrenze_AV_UTM32__3_, "E:\\Geodaten\\gp_bildflug\\vektor_daten.sde\\vektor_daten.DBO.Verwaltungsgrenzen_NRW_UTM32\\vektor_daten.DBO.Verbandsgrenze_AV_UTM32", "WAIT")