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Trouble using Merge in arcpy - only one featureclass (out of 8) being output after merge

Question asked by zieglerhm_CDMSmith on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

I'm attempting to use the merge function, output) but I am not getting the results I expect. I have a list of featureclasses (all polygon, all have the same fields) in the in_memory workspace:


['in_memory\\polygon_D0511', 'in_memory\\polygon_D0510', 'in_memory\\polygon_D0512', 'in_memory\\polygon_D3239', 'in_memory\\polygon_D0514', 'in_memory\\polygon_D0515', 'in_memory\\polygon_D0513', 'in_memory\\polygon_D0509']


and I am using that as my inputs. The output is in a local geodatabase. When I run the merge tool in the script, my output only contains the feature from 'in_memory\\polygon_D3239', and nothing else. I've looked in my in_memory workspace using the arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() function and found that all featureclasses listed are there. I'm at a loss.. can anybody shed some light on this?


Thank you so much for any help at all!