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Not successful in updating myVersion

Question asked by shaningesri on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by shaningesri

I created a SDE Version and executed edit through ArcObjects.  However, the results show that not only myVersion is updated, but also the SDE.Default version is also updated.  See the code below.  I DID check-up / verify the version.  What's wrong with my code?  Did I miss something?  Thanks.


void Update_FC(IFeatureClass fc_Source, IFeatureClass fc_Target) {

   // Before updating using the 4 lines of code below to check/verify the version
   IWorkspace ws = fc_Target.FeatureDataset.Workspace;
   IPropertySet propSet = ws.ConnectionProperties;
   IVersionedWorkspace verWorkspace = (IVersionedWorkspace)ws;  // m_userWorkspace;//wsStop;
   IVersion ver = (IVersion)verWorkspace.FindVersion(cboVersion.SelectedItem.ToString());


   // update fc_Target


   feat = fc_Target.CreateFeature();