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Allowing Multiple Users to create, edit, and delete in ArcGIS Collector

Question asked by NEOMAPPER on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2017 by rvburton

I've created a map with layers to work with ArcGIS Collector App in order for our operators to make edits on there smart phone(Android & ISO) devices while in the field. 


ProblemArcGIS Collector doesn't allow other users to add, edit, or delete features on the map besides the map creator. I tried setting up this process for both ArcGIS Online & Portal. There isn't really any solution on the forums so hopefully someone can lead us in the right direction


ArcGIS Desktop: [Publishing a service] << ====   ArcGIS Online


                                                            Properties -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                                                               Maximum number of records returned by the server: 10000 


                                                            Tiled Mapping [Unchecked]

                                                             Feature Access [Checked]

                                                                            Feature Access:

                                                                                      Create [Checked]

                                                                                      Delete [Checked]         

                                                                                      Query  [Checked]     

                                                                                      Sync    [Checked]             

                                                                                      Update [Checked]                            


Feature Layer (hosted) Settings

• Who can edit features?
Share the layer to specific groups of people, the organization or publicly via the Share button on the Overview tab. This layer is currently shared with: Organization, 
• What kind of editing is allowed?
• What features can editors see?
• What features can editors edit?
• What access do anonymous editors (not signed in) have?
• Who can manage edits?
◦ You
◦ Administrators
◦ Data curators with the appropriate privileges
Solution: Users/operators who utilize the published service map should be able to create, edit, and delete features while using the collector app.