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Extract Polyline Geometry Z and M - Equal Area Slope

Question asked by Playa on Jun 21, 2017
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I'm currently busy writing a Python Module to determine the Equal-Area Slope of the Longest Flowpath of each catchment. I need to generate a Python Dictionary for each Longest Flowpath within the polyline Feature Class with the following format.


v = vertex

z  = Change in height (i.e. 0, 1, 2,....150)

seq = segment length between vertices (i.e. v1 - v2, 200m, v2 - v3, 300m,....v100 - v101, 500m)


longestflowpath_dict = {DrainID: [(v1(Z), v2(Z), seg1(M)),(v2(Z), v3(Z), seg2(M)),...(v100(Z), v101(Z), seq100(M))


What  approaches could I use to extract the geometry Z and M between each vertices to determine the lengths between each vertices. The Z values stored are the accumulated difference in height between each vertices.


I've included the documentation from the engineering manual with the manual methodology of determining the Equal Area Slope.