Arcgis SDK bugs and OSM vector data & style

Discussion created by tempAtShutko on Jun 17, 2017
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Greetings. My organization have some expierence with SDK 10.2 for .NET last year. Now we have another geo task and looking for sdk to solve it. We need vector osm-based map. So I started to check if this is possible with new 101 sdk.

I made some download from osm and tried to style it using Arcgis Pro.


ArcGis Pro was able to create mmpk and test application was able to show it. But.... It looks like skd engine is incomplete or buggy:


1. It completely ignores layer "Definition Query" so i have to generate every layer as separate data set

2. It doesn't show grouped layers, so I have to ungroup them before generating mmpk

3. It doesn't respect label classes so I have to create label classes as separate layers

4. It ignores multifield symbology (so i need to generate separate data sets - def query doesn't work)

5. It can't place horisontal labels on streets (osm style road REFs) because it stole some letters from text and show empty backgrounds


Is there any way to get full list of sdk engine possibilities ? It takes too many time to find this by "try and fail"...