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Ploblem with Portal for ArcGIS10.5 Installation

Question asked by ssong8 on Jun 17, 2017

Recently I am installing ArcGIS Server10.5, Web Adaptor, Portal for ArcGIS and I have level 2 license. After install ArcGIS Server successful, then install Portal, it also looks success, during create a site, it popup information, says site create success, it will take several minutes, click "OK" blah blah......then I click "OK" and nothing happens, I can see files folders generated here: C://arcgisportal/content , but when I try to login, it always redirect me to createsite page; I also noticed the home page, create site page only can be displayed in Chrome, if I use IE, just a blank page with no information. Anyone can help me? It's urgent, my colleges suppose to use this new version next Monday. Waiting online. Thank you very much.