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ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud: Adding Content

Question asked by R.Hastikmysynergis-esridist Employee on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by xzhang-esristaff

After some problems with uploading shapefiles using different projections than web mercator I have additional questions due to problems of adding content:


First Problem: Adding Data from my Organisation


I uploaded some WebMaps on ArcGIS online. However, i am not able to find these Maps via "Add Web Maps" and "Browse from ArcGIS location". There, I can only find one map although I pubished more than 10 maps within my Organisation and public to everyone.


Besides, the drop-down Menu "Browse from ArcGIS location" does not work correctly, i can only change the menu items using the scroll whell on my mouse.


Update: It seems that Data which is shared within my Organisation AND with everyone gets kicked out from "My Organisation" in ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud. As soon as you set Layers public, one has to add them via "ArcGIS online". 



Second Problem: No Support for larger Shapefiles?


I cannot add any shapefiles which slightly bigger (aprox. 1MB), the content gets immidiately lost.


Update: I finally managed to read a small red text which is displayed less than a second (you need close the "add content" window quickly to even see this text). It says that no more than 1000 records are allowed? Is this true, can I only create maps with less than 1000 points/polylines/polygones? 


Third Problem: Adding Data after closing Illustrator

The ArcGIS Mapboard and ArcGIS Compilation get lost after closing Illustrator (but not after closing and reopening a file without closing illustrator). I tried saving in .ai or .pdf (both CC Version). So currently I cannot add features / update the map after closing Illustrator (or re-booting my computer). Is there a way to save the Mapboard and Compilation Settings?


Thanks for your help and all the best,



Update: Sorry for distributing these problems in 2 seperate threads. I will post all further upcoming issues here.