Symbolise points by Date (not Date and Time) using Arcade

Discussion created by laurenraedibben on Jun 14, 2017
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I need help with some more trouble-shooting of this Symbology stuff please. The other day I set up a custom expression so that I could sybolise my point features by whether or not they had any data entered into one particular field. So I used the IsEmpty function. It looked like this "IsEmpty($feature.Retby)". I formatted the true and false values the way I wanted and renamed them to what I wanted. Then I tested that it worked in ArcGIS Online on the map by entering data into this particular field to see if it changed symbol. It worked. I then tested it by logging into my account on my Iphone and then also tested it when I logged into my same account on my Toughpad. It worked on both. 

A few days later and I have updated my map by doing nothing other than adding a layer of line symbols. And all of a sudden Custom Expression symbology has stopped working, but only on my phone or Toughpad. In ArcGIS Online, it still seems to work fine. On the phone or Toughpad, instead of symbolising using the Custom Expression, you cannot see my points at all. This is even though the layer is included in the map and visibility is turned on. 

I have tried to fix it by playing around with things in the map using ArcGIS online but nothing is working. One thing I have noticed is that when I go to change the symbology of the true / false points, the count is always zero in both of them, and all my data comes under "other". Is this normal? When I move all values out, and save it like that, whenever I go back in to look at symbology, the true / false categories are zero again and my points are all in the "other" category - over and over again. 

I'm very frustrated. Would the fact that it just stopped working properly have had anything to do with the recent update - the timing is right. 

Thanks in advance for all and any help. It really is much appreciated.