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How to invoke the custom widget setting page from the widget (not the builder)?

Question asked by David.Wendelken on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by David.Wendelken

Currently at version 2.3, hopefully soon at 2.4.

The Query widget is pretty close to what my users want, but it lacks a really important feature.   The queries are defined at design time instead of at run time.   My users want to define queries at run time.  

It occurred to me that if the users could invoke the settings.js page from the page based on widget.js, they would be able to define new queries without me having to write as much code.   All I would have to do is add a flag so that the new configuration data would not be written back to the config file (when invoked in this manner), it would just be forgotten when the user left the application.

Boy, howdy, for something that I thought would be easy, it hasn't been.

The code that invokes the settings page seems to be in either client\builder\main.js or client\builder\plugins\widget-config\WidgetSettingPage.js.   Neither of those are available from within a built application (or at least I don't think they are).

Anyone have any ideas, other than (a) giving up on the approach or (b) slogging thru minimized code to clone the relevant methods?   I'm hoping someone will chime in and say, "Oh, this is an easy way to do it!"