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Enrich Layer producing Invalid Geometry message and not enriching

Question asked by reinertsonk on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by reinertsonk

When trying to use the Enrich Layer tool in ArcGIS Online on a feature service of drive-time areas, I'm receiving a warning message:


Warning message received whil trying to enrich data to feature service in AGOL.  Three features in areas with data available do not rececive data.


The drive-time areas are shown in the Esri Demographics Global Coverage map to have data availability as they are in Washington, Arkansas, and North Carolina. To check for issues with geometry, I brought the feature service back into ArcMap, ran the Check Geometry tool and received a report that did not show any problems with the geometry in the feature class. I ran Repair Geometry just to be sure. Then published the feature service, ran the Enrich Layer tool, and received the same Warning message. Three of the four features I'm attempting to enrich with data are not being enriched with data.


Any help as to why I might be receiving this warning message and have features not be enriched with data using the Enrich Layer tool would be much appreciated.