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Merging two road layers

Question asked by michelconn on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by michelconn

Hello all I'm looking to merging two road layers. I am interested in the traffic volume in the second layer. My first thought was to use a spatial join and join the closest join feature to the target feature with a 100 foot tolerance. But I am worried that the intersections will cause some issues because if I am joining the feature based on proximity any time two roads cross at an intersection they will have a proximity of 0. I only want to join roadways that are parallel and not perpendicular. 


My question is should I be worried about the intersections causing issue and if so how do I get around that issue?


Edit: I have a basic license and 10.5


After some experimenting intersections do indeed cause an issue. In the attached picture the buffered polyline is taking the north and south road value instead of the east and west value.