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Problem in Popup with URL without HTTP/HTTPS

Question asked by fmorauxesrifrance-fr-esridist Employee on Jun 14, 2017
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I encounter a problem in Popup (WebMap and WebApp) with URL whitout HTTP/HTTPS.

  • Link is not clickable
  • Link is wrong (prefixed with webmap/webapp URL)


Problem depend of popup display mode:


  • Mode "List of field attributes"

Display Mode "A list of field attributes"

==>Link is not clickable


  • Mode "Custom attribute display"

Display mode "Custom attribute display"

==> Link is wrong (prefixed with webmap/webapp URL), so it does not work


From WebMap URL is prefixed with «».

From WebApp URL is prefixed with «» .


My questions :

  • Do URLs have to be prefixed with HTTP¨/HTTPS?
  • Behavior difference between two mode (List/custom) is normal?


Thanks for your advices,