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Another concat formula issue-- why won't it run?

Question asked by deleted-user-57QLt_-7NcdX on Jun 12, 2017
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I'm having problems getting a concat function to combine three variables so I can move onto a pulldata() function.


In Line29 of the attached Survey123 XLSForm, I can get the concat function to run with the first two variables (e.g., concat(${Shade} , '_', string(${maxRFMTemp2}))), however, when I add the third variable, which is critical for the subsequent pulldata() function, the process dies (e.g. concat(${Shade} , '_', string(${maxRFMTemp2},'_',string(${FDFM2})))).


FWIW, I expect the pulldata() function in the following line will be: 

pulldata("ProbabilityOfIgnition", "PIG", "Code", ${lookupCode3})


Thanks for any help.